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  • Meme Generator 4.016 Patched Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Meme Generator

    “Trolling must-have.” – AppsZoom.com
    “Creative App Allows You to Create the Funniest Memes.” – AppEggs.com
    With Meme Generator you can create the funniest memes and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, E-mail, Dropbox, Picasa…

    Main features

    • Multiple meme categories
    • More than 600 high quality memes with lots of example captions
    • Custom memes – you can use any picture from your gallery!
    • Share and save memes
    • Adjust text color and size
    • Multiple fonts to choose from
    • Create complex memes with up to 10 captions
    • Move captions anywhere you want and add your own
    • Combine multiple saved memes into one MULTI PANEL meme
    • Image Cropping
    • Quick scroll and optional grid view for individual categories
    • Add black borders to any image you want
    • SEARCH / Filter – you can find you favorite meme in seconds
    • Favorite memes – create your own list of favorite memes!
    • New memes are added regularly!
    • No watermarks on images
    • The app DOES NOT automatically upload any meme you create – your privacy is our top priority!

    Meme Generator features more than 600 awesome memes including:
    10 Guy, 1990s Problems, Advice Dog, Ancient Aliens, Annoyed Picard, Bad Luck Brian, Bear Grylls, Boromir, Brace yourselves, Challenge Accepted, Chuck Testa, College Freshman, Condescending Wonka, Courage Wolf, Doge, Like A Sir, First World Problems, Forever Alone, Gangnam Style, Good Guy Greg, Grumpy Cat, Guido Jesus, High Expectations Asian Father, How About No Bear, Impossibru, Insanity Wolf, Joseph Ducreux, Kim Jong Un, Lazy College Senior, Me Gusta, ORLY Owl, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Over 9000, Philosoraptor, Scumbag Steve, Slowpoke, Socially Awkward Penguin, Success Kid, Sudden Clarity Clarence, Trollface, Wat, Xzibit, Y U NO and a whole lot more!

    DISCLAIMER: Pictures and captions in this app do not redeem the opinions of the ZomboDroid Team. Pictures and captions are user submitted or found on other web pages. Don’t give bad reviews because you find a picture and captions offensive – we just provide the requested pictures to our users. ZomboDroid Software did not create any of the images or captions in this app – the internet did.


    What’s New

    • High Quality Image Rendering can now be turned on in “Advanced settings”!
    • New memes:

    *Overconfident Alcoholic
    *Hide the Pain Harold
    *Chris Brown Thinking

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Meme Generator | Mirror

  • Inventory & Barcode Scanner 5.21 Paid version Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    unnamed (2)

    Inventory & Barcode Scanner

    Barcode scanner & Inventory manager XSCANPET is the perfect barcode scanner for your inventory It is a barcode scanner App with inventory manager features. It uses anExcel file as item database. The camera on your device is used to read barcodes and look up item information in an Excel spreedsheet file.

    XSCANPET= barcode scanner & inventory manager & excel database & Stock manager: You can use SCANPET to manage your inventory, handle your warehouse, home inventory or only read barcodes. Building your own item database is as simple as creating an Excel file.


    SCANPET barcode scanner & inventory is the free version of XSCANPET, please download SCANPET first and if everything is ok then buy XSCANPET. As there are thousands of different Android mobile devices we can’t guarantee that this program will work for you. So please try free SCANPET first. Anyway inventory features should work on every device.

    If you buy XSCANPET you will get:

    • last updates
    • No ads
    • Full use.

    This application have a lot of powerfull configuration options, and can be adapted for almost every situation. For example you can use this barcode scanner as:

    • Warehouse Manager: It is a barcode reader (your device will work as a barcode terminal)
    • Inventory Manager: It is a warehouse manager & stock taking tool. Here you can use the bar code scanner as a helpfull tool. But the app could still work without using it
    • Use it also as an inventory tracker with your home inventory.
    • Store inventory and stock managing: handle the stock of your store or warehouse: Items are divided into categories that are identified with a barcode. Register how many elements of each product category you have. This way you can do stock control.
    • Inventory of separate items: Build a movies collection, DVD collection, etc
    • Wifi Scanner (wifi terminal): Use this if you need to scan the barcode directly into a document on your computer. This means the phone will read the barcode and will send it through Wifi to your computer. It will be a Wifi terminal.
    • GPS Points of Interest (POIs): record GPS coordinates of the places you visit, like monuments, cities, beach, etc
    • Also e-commerce: osCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Ecommerce, etc
    • Others possibilities: SCANPET features, don’t finish here. Please take a time to explore, you can configure everything! like sales management, payments, shipment manager, meetings attendance or build accounting reports from the output Excel file on your computer, etc

    You can also put your inventory on Dropbox and Google Drive (share with other users and backup to Dropbox and Google Drive)

    The XSCANPET barcode scanner support these formats:
    UPC-A and UPC-E
    EAN-8 and EAN-13
    Code 39
    Code 93
    Code 128
    QR Code

    XSCANPET can handle two kind of inventories (Excel spreedsheet):

    • Group inventories (each item is a category with a count number): This is the best choice for:

      • ecommerce solutions.
      • store inventories (if we want to control the stock)
      • home inventory
      • etc
    • Individual inventories or collection of items (each row on the Excel is a separate item): This is the best choice for:

      • Manage CD and DVD inventories (movies and music collections) using barcode scanner or typing
      • As individual inventories saves a new row for each scan, you can also go further and control inputs and outputs of your store, like sales or shipments. Or even further and use it as an attendance app (use it at meetings or school)
      • etc

    As you can see XSCANPET is much more than just another barcode scanner or inventory app, it is very customizable due to its Excel templates

    Excel formats supported are from Microsoft Office 95 to 2003 and Office XP (the format Office 2007 and later are not supported)


    XSCANPET v5.21 adds Google Drive and Dropbox backup (upload and download your Excel files and configuration files to Dropbox and Google Drive).
    You can also use column customization to define Excel forms. So you edit the Excel file using a form. Available datatypes: string,number,lists of values,photos,date, time,latitude,longitude,etc
    And you can define powerfull filters and search for rows easyly.
    Now the application has a usefull wizard to help you to configure the app.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Inventory & Barcode Scanner | Mirror

  • PokéMesh – Real time map 4.1.0 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    PokéMesh – Real time map

    PokéMesh is not affiliated with or endorsed by GAME FREAK, Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo.

    PTC Login is currently disabled! Please, if you have any kind of problem with the app, meet us on facebook or twitter! You will find an awesome staff ready to help you!

    PokéMesh is the new best tool every PokéMaster using Pokemon GO should be aware of!
    It allows you to scan any location on the map for hidden Pokémon, and can send you push notifications everytime new Pokémon spawn around you!

    List of main functionalities:
    Map with real time Pokémon markers
    Address bar to move quickly across the map
    Despawn timer for each Pokémon on the map
    Hold down to start a scan in any location on the map
    Mesh functionality, to receive push notifications of nearby Pokémon EVEN IF THE SCREEN IS LOCKED
    Pokedex page, that you can use to:

    • find Pokémon cards through a search bar
    • check the last seen time for each Pokémon
    • select Pokémon you want to get notified for if nearby
    • hide Pokémon you don’t want to see on the map


    This app is free and optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
    You might find banners in the inner pages of the app, they help us supporting the app.
    This app requires an active internet connection and might not function without GPS.
    Visit our site http://www.pokemesh.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive news and updates about new functionalities.

    What’s New

    • Hotfixes for version 4.0
    • General improvements
    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    PokéMesh | Mirror

    • adityacyberrockAditya Gupta 9:12 pm on August 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      does it work in india ???

    • Hi there 10:09 pm on August 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Welp, it doent work, stop uploading apps that doesn’t work. Shitty ass uploader

    • Saiyoran 9:48 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      it works just fine. I dont know what you guys are trying.

  • Folder Lock Pro 2.0 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    Folder Lock Pro

    Folder Lock® Pro lets you password-protect your personal files e.g. photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings in Android Phones.

    Backup your locked data on your cloud account e.g. Drop box. The app comes with a clean and pleasant interface that’s user-friendly. You can transfer files from Gallery, Camera, Phone, PC/Mac and Private internet browser.

    *Folder Lock® Pro for Android Phoneis an extension of the popular“Folder Lock for Windows” *

    • Protect and hide sensitive audio, videos and photos
    • Lock down important documents
    • Cloud backup with Drop box
    • Write secure notes
    • Record voice memos secretly
    • Share your locked data
    • Directly lock photos/videos from phone’s gallery
    • Create contacts and contact groups, also send multiple secret SMS to them

    • Options to save data on phone’s memory or external memory card
    • Recovery of lost data
    • Decoy password (fake login)
    • Panic switch to prevent others from snooping on your lock data.
    • Hide traces of Folder Lock using stealth mode
    • Security credentials including Password, pattern and pin
    • Recover security credentials
    • Brute force attack prevention
    • Take snaps of unauthorized login attempts

    • Import files from
    a) Gallery
    B) Camera
    c) Via PC/Mac (using browser you can upload and download all files to and from PC/Mac via Wi-Fi)
    d) Private Browser

    • Wallets:
    a) Credit Cards
    B) Bank Accounts
    c) ID / Social Security
    d) Licenses
    e) Business Cards
    f) Business Info
    g) Health and Hygiene
    h) Passport
    i) General Purpose Cards

    • Private Browser (leaves no traces and privacy enabled)
    a) Download files from browser

    • View, Run and Play
    a) Media Player for videos
    B) Audio Player for music and voice memos
    c) Picture Viewer for Photos
    d) Document editors for documents

    All in all, this is a helpful app that provides security for your data in a managed way. The App is mainly useful when you share or lose your mobile, preventing access to personal files, folders and other personal information.

     What’s New
    Grand Update
    New and enhanced user interface
    Material graphics
    Improved usability
    Fixed bugs
    Added new feature: Gallery
    Improved features: Audios, Wallets and Contacts
    Enhanced Help

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Folder Lock Pro | Mirror

  • Equalizer Music Player Pro 2.6.8 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Equalizer Music Player Pro

    Intuitive music player, uses simple, useful and innovative controls. The most professional music player designed for music enthusiasts and students!

    Using the professional audio decoding technology, it will play the music perfectly and realise high-fidelity playback. Besides, the most professional equalizer will help you adjust your own music exclusively.

    Use with headphones for best results(stereo effect, surround effect, and so on). Put on the headphones,The world has nothing to do with you.

    Key Features:

    • Browse and play your music by artists,albums,songs,playlists
    • Media volume and bass control
    • Five band equalizer
    • Bass boost effect
    • Many equalizers preset

    *Can turn off and turn on equalizer effect

    • Music surround left and right
    • Shuffle/repeat
    • Share with your friends via facebook,e-mail,SMS,and so on


    • Bugs fixed
    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Equalizer Music Player Pro | Mirror

  • Slow Camera 1.0.0 Paid Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Slow Camera

    I started shooting single frame time lapse photos by capturing thousands of images and then composing them together using custom software. The results are amazing but the process took too long. Slow Camera is the result of automating the technique for Android so I could produce the same effect without the effort.

    For best results keep your phone still while shooting – either prop it up somewhere or use a tripod. Slow Camera plays a shutter sound at the start and the end of the exposure which is helpful if you can’t easily monitor progress on the screen. For longer exposures I’d also recommend using an external battery (especially if you try to pull off a 24 hourshot). I get the best results from contrasting something still with a lot of motion in the background or by shooting at sunrise or sunset for a dramatic shift in lighting.

    Settings for Slow Camera are pretty straightforward. At the bottom left hand side of the screen there is a drop down to pick the number of minutes for the exposure. Next to this is an icon to switch between the front and rear camera on your device. Once you’ve got the perfect shot framed hit the shutter button to start the capture. The shutter sound plays twice, once at the start of the exposure and once at the end. There is also a progress bar at the top of the screen during capture.

    Pictures are saved to your gallery / photo roll automatically.

    I’d love to see some of the photos you manage to take with Slow Camera. Tweet them with the #SFTL (Single Frame Time Lapse) hashtag, or email me directly.

    If you manage an epic selfie use #SlowSelfieChallenge. One minute is easy. Watching yourself for ten minutes is an exercise in zen. Can you keep still for an hour and capturethe sun setting behind you? Can anyone manage more than an hour?

    This is the first version of Slow Camera. I’ve had a lot of fun building and testing it. I hope to make it much better over time so if you have any problems or suggestions please let me know.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Slow Camera | Mirror

  • Edge Screen S7 PRO 2.0 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    Edge Screen S7 PRO

    App features
    *Ads free
    *Add your remainders,so that whenever you open the app,it remainds you of your remainder like birthday,meeting.
    *Add your important contacts to the edge screen
    *Add the most used apps to the edge screen
    *See the battery and ram performance at ease
    *Do multitasking

    Please avoid pressing home button while using the edge screen,please prefer back button ,it improves the response time

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Edge Screen S7 PRO | Mirror (Version 2.0)

    Edge Screen S7 PRO | Mirror (Version 1.2)


  • Snap Camera HDR 8.1.2 Material Mod Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    Snap Camera HDR

    A Fast HDR camera experience with regular updates and new features added all the time.

    Now with 4K 16×9 video recording on the Nexus 5 running Lollipop

    Snap Camera HDR lets you take pictures and record video with a single click, no cluttered preview screen, just the two buttons you really need.

    Snap Camera has a simple, powerful user interface featuring:

    • Touch to focus
    • Pinch to zoom
    • Swipe to review
    • Long press to adjust photo settings with the photo controller.

    The photo controller includes settings for:

    • Colour and Contrast (if supported by the hardware).
    • Silent Shutter
    • Burst Mode
    • Self Timer
    • Stable Shot
    • Panorama mode
    • Flash mode
    • Whitebalance
    • Exposure
    • Grid lines
    • Fast picture mode
    • HDR
    • Additional Settings

    The additional settings menu gives you access to many extra settings.

    • Picture and Video Size
    • Scene mode
    • Self Timer delay
    • Burst Mode settings
    • Time Lapse
    • Still and Video Focus Modes
    • JPEG Quality
    • Effects
    • ISO
    • Anti-banding
    • Scene Detection
    • Video Bitrate, Format and Codec
    • Audio Settings
    • The photo editor lets you:
    • Enhance Details
    • Enhance Contrast (Ambiance)
    • Denoise
    • Add colour effects
    • Add a border
    • Crop, Rotate, Mirror
    • Straighten
    • Add image effects
    • Histogram Modification
    • Vignette

    Additional Features

    • You can see what effects will be applied and undo an effect at any time from the history menu
    • Share an image with any other app such as Facebook or Google+ by clicking on the share icon
    • Create panoramas by selecting the panorama icon (Android 4.0 and above)
    • Fast picture mode instantly captures photos at the preview resolution.
    • Capture still snapshots during video recording (if supported)
    • Use the volume buttons to focus and take a picture or zoom
    • Auto torch mode for low light video recording
    • Use the advanced video settings to record video in resolutions not allowed by other cameras.
    • Stable shot mode only takes a photo when the camera is completely still

    High Dynamic Range (HDR)

    HDR is a feature that lets you take pictures of scenes with very dark and very light areas. The app takes two photos at different exposures and combines them to make one HDR photo. By default the app will save the original exposures and open an HDR editor but this behaviour can be changed from the settings menu.

    What’s New
    Better support for LG G4
    Better HDR tonemapping
    Snapseed integration

    Mod Info:

    1. Changed icons Camera and Gallery.
    2. Ability to select different camera icon.
    3. Removed Gallery icon from the main menu.
    4. Changed control in PV modules.
    5. Floating editor button
    6. Minor interface changes.

    How to Install?

    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    Snap Camera HDR  |  Mirror (Version 8.1.2)

    Snap Camera HDR  |  Mirror (Version 8.0.4)

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    • Bob 12:25 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t install this version of Snap Camera HDR on my LGE h815 (not rooted) phone, how to fix that?

      • Bob 12:27 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I mean on my LGE G4 h815 (international version, not rooted) phone..do I need a root access to use this mod?

  • Now for Reddit Pro 5.0.1 APK is Here! [LATEST] 

    Now for Reddit Pro

    Introducing the all new Now for Reddit! Version 3 features a beautiful “card based” interface which aims to provide you with an intuitive, gesture based, Reddit experience.
    What does Now for Reddit offer?
    – Designed for phones and tablets
    – Intuitive interface (swipe to change subreddit)
    – Reddit TV
    – Full multireddit support
    – Remember what links you’ve visited with reddit gold
    – Messaging (send mail and receive inbox notifications)
    – Vote, comment, save, hide, and share posts
    – Follow your friends and view their posts
    – Save images for offline viewing
    – Great new text editor which makes typing comments and messages a breeze!
    Join us in r/redditnow for feedback and app discussion!
    Thanks for trying Now for Reddit!
    Please note, Now for Reddit is an unofficial app. Reddit and the Reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by Reddit Inc., and are used under license.
    Version 5.0.1

    • Mute Streamable videos
    • Tap to close images & videos gesture (settings option)
    • Fixed GIFs displaying too dark

    Version 5 (Many new features!)

    • Pull to refresh
    • New image viewer and video player
    • New comment controls interface
    • Improved submit post screen
    • Redesigned text editor and profiles
    • Streamable videos open in app
    • Added animation to post buttons
    • Report posts and comments
    • Users filter
    • Fewer adverts (Ads no longer appear within subreddit list)
How to Install?
  1. Download Apk (link below).
  2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
  4. All Done. Enjoy!


Download Links

Now for Reddit Pro | Mirror  (Version 5.0.1)

  • Selfie Camera Premium 1.052.13 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Selfie Camera Premium

    Not satisfied with your current selfie camera?
    Looking for a better selfie stick app or selfie editor app?
    You won’t miss Love Selfie to be your next and only selfie camera partner. Taking selfies with Love Selfie is definitely a wise choice.
    Just download it and share with your friend!
    Key Features
    ※Real time selfie filters, to preview your photo before using the selfie stick.
    ※Just one-tap to capture your moments with camera effects,look better with the beauty camera
    ※Camera HD, save the high quality pictures
    ※Customized mirror mode selfie camera
    ※No crop for instagram photo editor, easy to share
    ※Selfie editor with different photo sizes
    ※Blur background photo editor for instagram

    1.Tap the round button to take a selfie or press volume button to shot
    2.Slide up and down to adjust the brightness
    3.Tap to choose Vignette and Dermabrasion at the bottom right corner

    Simple selfie camera app, support selfie stick, meets all your needs, that is what Love Selfie promises to do. User-friendly design makes it stand out of all the camera editor and selfie stick app. You will surely love selfie with it.

    Any features you want? Any suggestions for us? Please feel free to email us.


    • Add stickers,text and doodles is support.
    • Adjust realtime effect filter strength is support.
    • Bug fix and performance improvements.
    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Selfie Camera Premium | Mirror