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  • Hide ALL IP 2017.01.01.170101 With Crack + Portable is Here! [Latest] 


    Hide All IP

    Hide ALL IP is the worlds best IP hide software, hide all your applications and games IP from snoopers & hackers, allows you to surf anonymously, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all just need a click. Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can easy leak you by this IP address, Hide ALL IP protects your online identity by change your IP address to our private server’s IP and routes all your internet traffic through our encrypted internet servers so that all remote servers only get a fake IP address, you are very safely.


    • Change you IP Address
    • Change your Location
    • Encrypt all transfer data
    • Remote DNS lookups
    • Access internet tv (BBC etc)
    • Support almost all applications & Games
    • Unique support UDP applications
    • Unique Support HTTP servers
    • Unique have portable version
    • Safety browse technology
    • Unique support hide win8/8.1 metro apps ip
    • Reduce your game ping ( low Lag )

    How to Crack ?

    1. Disconnect from internet.
    2. Unpack and install the program.
    3. Or just extract and use the portable version
    4. Use Crack (loader) to make it full version
    5. Use loader to launch the program (Everytime)
    6. Put the loader on dir where the program is installed
    7. Default dir: “%ProgramFiles%\Hide ALL IP”
    8. Or run the loader and select HideAllIP.exe





    Hide ALL IP 2016.12.04.161204 With Crack(21.1 Mb) /Mirror

    Hide ALL IP 2016.12.04.161204 Portable(5 MB) /Mirror

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      where is my post ?

  • Top 5 Google Chrome Extension for Better Youtube Experience 


    Top 5 Google Chrome Extension for Youtube

    Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and free web browser built for the modern web. Chrome syncs bookmarks across all your devices, fills out forms automatically, and so much more.

    Of course, every web browser has its advantage and disadvantage, but Google Chrome is the best choice when you’d prefer having a highly productive, multipurpose and extension-rich web browser! Nevertheless, just as you should be careful when selecting a web browser, you’ve to make sure that you get the best Chrome extensions as well.

    Here is a Top 5 list of Google Chrome Extension that will make your experience on Youtube become better.

    1. Adblock Plus

    Adblock Plus, is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, lets you clean your web pages, by removing those clumsy advertisements from sidebars and everywhere else. The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, such as animated ads, pop-ups & pop-unders, Facebook ads, etc. Also, there is an impressive level of protection from tracking and malware. It is to be noted that Adblock Plus does not put an end to web advertisements; on the other hand, there’s a set of acceptable ads that do not interrupt your web browsing. Plus, this open-source extension is customizable as well.


    • Block ads
    • Allow acceptable ads
    • Disable trackking
    • Disable Malware domain
    • Disable social media buttons
    • Typo protection


    2. Youtube Plus

    Youtube Plus is a Google Chrome extension which has lots of features and customization. It allows you to have a pop-up video mode, and it also gives you the experience as in Youtube for mobile which automatically minimizes video player when you scroll down the page. Feel free to download and explore its features.


    • Play your videos in a pop-out window
    • Turn off 60fps
    • Navigate through videos frame by frame (No longer necessary, YouTube already has it)
    • Allow ads only in videos from your subscribed channels
    • Blacklist entire channels from your suggestions and search results
    • Make the player fill the entire browser with the Fullbrowser mode feature
    • Player always visible where you want while reading the comments
    • Play your most recent subscriptions in a playlist
    • and more!


    3. Video Downloader

    Sometimes, there’re certain people that love to download videos just to save them and watch later. If you are that kind of person. This might be the right extension for you. Video Downloader is an awesome Google Chrome extension which allows you to download any video from Youtube into various format and resolution.


    • Directly download video from youtube without leaving the page
    • Have various resolution selection
    • Have various video format


    4. Tamper Monkey Script: MP3 Download Button

    Youtube is also known as heaven of music. This extension might be an angel in that heaven. Because this extension gives you the option to download you favorite music tracks from Youtube without leaving the page, unlike other extensions.


    • Download audio directly from Youtube page


    5. MusixMatch Lyrics

    MusixMatch is a well-known lyrics application, it’s extension is very useful when it come to streaming music videos on Youtube when you want to sing along. MusixMatch will fetch the lyrics from its database and show it on the Youtube player as “closed caption”


    • Instant lyrics view
    • Support multiple language all over the world




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      Please share top extension for faster and better browsing..

      • Keramat Durjana
        9:57 pm on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sure! I will post it soon. 😀

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      please share it extension

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      mataneee, jenenge keramat “durjana” jal, hahaha

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      Amazing, Nice article.

  • Phone to Chrome Pro 0.1.2 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Phone to Chrome Pro

    Note: You need to download the Chrome extension on your desktop from http://whatthedude.com/extension as well!
    Instructions for use:

    • Download the Chrome Extension on your desktop from http://whatthedude.com/extension
    • Copy the ID from extension to settings page of this app
    • Sacrifice a car to Satan
    • Click on a link and select Phone to Chrome Pro as the application to open the link in OR open the link in your browser, select “share” and select Phone to Chrome Pro
    • Rejoice!

    That’s all you need to do to set the app up!
    Features exclusive to Phone to Chrome Pro:

    • Send links to your computer even if your computer is offline (allowing them to be queued to opened later)
    • Send links to several computers using the app (the free version restricts you to pairing with one computer)

    What’s New
    Fixed bug where shared links wouldn’t autofill if the app wasn’t closed properly previously.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Phone to Chrome Pro | Mirror

  • Best Alternative for IDM [Internet Download Manager] – EagleGet is Here! 


    EagleGet is a universal download accelerator that supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. The application can also download video files from most popular online video websites. Helpfully, the developers have also created an extension for Google Chrome!


    • Accelerate downloads by using multi-threaded technology.
    • Download files in Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera with one click.
    • Support MMS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP protocols.
    • Download online videos from popular sites.
    • Built-in Media Grabber & Video Sniffer.
    • Built-in download scheduler for multiple queues.
    • Download different file types to separate folders.
    • Batch downloads function with clipboard capture.
    • Automatic refresh expired download address.
    • Support HTTP and SOCKET proxy.
    • Support fully customized User-Agent.
    • Monitor running and completed tasks with TaskMonitor.
    • Supports drag-and-drop to rearrange the priority of downloads.
    • Automatic run virus scan after download.
    • Automatic convert media format after download.
    • Convenient task properties panel.
    • Detailed connection log for each task.
    • Verify integrity of downloaded files.
    • Shutdown, hibernate or sleep computer after completing all transfers.
    • Built-in speed limiter.
    • Flexible notification configurations and Silent Mode (Game Mode) function.
    • Import download lists from other download managers.
    • Customizable user interface.
    • Supports multi-language interface (more than 30 languages).


    What’s new in v2.0.4.6 Stable

    1. Fixed: Cannot download files through ALT+CTRL hotkey
    2. Fixed: Cannot download files from some websites
    3. Fixed: Incorrect file extensions while capturing downloads from some websites
    4. Fixed: Cannot automatic install EagleGet Firefox plugin
    5. Fixed: Instability problems related to clipboard
    6. Added: The universal capture mode through win+insert hotkey
    7. Fixed: Other minor problems.

    How to Install?

    1.  Download the latest free setup of product
    2. Exit your browser
    3. Install setup file until finish
    4. Done and Enjoy! 😀


    Download Links

    EagleGet v2.0.4.8(5.8 MB) | Mirror

    EagleGet v2.0.4.6 (5.7 MB) | Mirror

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      i can’t download 1080p video with sound from youtube by eagleGet… :'( :'( :'(

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      IT SAYS. This file is available for Premium Users only. CHECK AGAIN

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        Visit the Main Download link of UPLOADEX, its working fine! I have updated it!

    • pavan 8:49 pm on November 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      i cudnt dwnload

      • Harsh223 9:26 pm on November 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Visit Download Links at the bottom of my post!

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    • shock_resistant 11:33 pm on November 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      downloading this app, using the IDM.

    • Max 10:53 am on November 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      can you help me? my eagleget was a problem
      “Failed to create the file”


      • Harsh223 8:10 pm on November 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        File got Corrupted, Probably it was not able to merge the file!

    • SuPeR SaYaShIn GoDu 11:55 am on November 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      i can’t download from “www.kissanime.com” using this Eagleget. somebody help me, i just want to try this Eagleget.

      • Harsh223 8:11 pm on November 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Were you able to Use IDM?

    • meerdroovt 3:19 pm on November 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Still IDM the best with 1.2mb/s

      • Harsh223 3:29 pm on November 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I get around 4-5mpbs @4G with eagleget, and about the same with IDM!

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      plz upload mail bird pro crack

      • Harsh223 3:24 pm on November 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        will see to it when free

    • Speechless Guy 9:58 am on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This EagleGet Download Panel not appear at the Youtube website …

      • Harsh223 11:13 am on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Try AGLYOUTUBE! See my post on It!

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      Best alternative to idm? XD


    • lucky patcher 4:36 pm on May 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      workfull downloader

    • L.Draco 9:27 am on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      i get like 3-5mb/s using idm
      i only get 1-2mb/s when using eagleget….
      cant download anything from firefox…

  • Adguard Final Repack is Here ! [LATEST] 


    Adguard provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet. Adguard is an install-and-forget program. Installation process will take no longer than 3 minutes. After that, you just surf the internet as you usually do. Adguard protects your computer and doesn’t make you change your web habits.

    Features List


    • After running Adguard, the program immediately starts to filter all your Internet bandwidth quietly and very quickly.

    Protection and blocking

    When processing a web page, Adguard does several things at once:

    • Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.
    • Checks a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.
    • Checks the reputation of the website and informs you about it, if necessary.

    Comfort and safety

    • You will be amazed how much more comfortable and safer the Internet will be after you install Adguard.

    Memory usage reduction

    • Adguard developers have significantly optimized memory usage in 5.10. Now, even if you use an old computer or a weak netbook, Adguard will work silently in a background without slowing down your device. We compared memory footprint with the one of the preceding version. And we must say 5.10 showed a result several times lower.

    More ad filters

    • In addition, Adguard has became an even more comprehensive program. Now users can install any ad filters. What does it mean? In addition to the filters that are already installed in Adguard by default, you can add third-party ones, such as a list of filters that allow Adguard to block ads in different segments of the Internet – websites in different languages, in particular. All of this can be done directly in the program, simply by selecting a filter you want and clicking on the “Add selected” button.

    Displaying the possible danger

    • Integration with Web of Trust is now brought out in the separate extension, which can be disabled. Also a warning when visiting a suspicious website has changed. With the help of WoT, our Adguard is able to notify you instantly about the reputation of websites and show the reasons for which the site is considered to be suspicious. Categories of suspicion can be, in particular: scam, potentially illegal, misleading claims or unethical, poor customer experience, privacy risks and others.

    What’s New ?

    • New user interface and design
    • Lot of improvements in new latest version

    How to Install ?

    1. Download the file given
    2. Now install the given .exe file throughout & launch the application
    3. Enjoy ! 🙂




    Adguard Final Repack (25.22 MB) | Mirror

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      thanks a lot…

  • IDM Chrome/Torch Extension v3.2 [aNti-baN] [Updated] 

    Internet Download Manager Chrome/Torch Extension  [aNti-baN]

    Internet Download Manager aka IDM developers release a new build of  their well-known Download Accelerator ; Internet Download Manager  regularly.Its not a free software and after installing the cracks we still face problem of no download in chrome/torch two of the most popular browsers,Most often download does not begin automatically or gets corrupted,  We can installed the custom modded aNti-baN extension to detect videos, audios, pictures, files etc. and download them at blazing fast speeds! It is protection by aNti-baN to prevent popups and allow high speed downloads! It is compatible with majority of chromium based browser!

    I have updated the Extension to v3, its now fully stable and is also not showing any popups with old versions of IDM, Please note with this upgrade it no longer supports IDM 5.XX series (although it will work but will show popups to upgrade IDM) but is fully compatible with current series!

    Some new features of v3 :-

    1. Auto Detection Of videos and Music[Added more sites]
    2. Direct download of E-Mail Attachments!
    3. Auto recognition of Files
    4. Download not detected error fixed
    5. Updated to latest 6.25 build 9!
    6. Fixed some bugs
    7. And many more!

    Fixed Some bugs in current Update!(v3.2)

    How to Install Extension?

    1. Install the latest version of IDM / Or update via quick update of ONHAX Crack  [SKIP if Installed]
    2. Download Extension from Below
    3. No open this chrome://extensions link in your chrome/torch
    4. After opening it drag the .crx file on the page
    5. Click OK/Yes and install it
    6. Enable it and Enjoy


    Download Links


    Internet Download Manager Latest setup (6.4 Mb)| Mirror  [6.25 build 5]

    Internet Download Manager old setup (6.4 Mb)| Mirror  [6.25 build 2]

    Idm Extension v2[Beta].rar (63 Kb) | Mirror | Mirror2

    Idm Extension v1[Beta].rar (63 Kb) | Mirror | Mirror2

    Any Problem Comment Below ^_^

  • Become A Millionaire!!! [Part 1] [Updated] 

    Become A Millionaire!!!

    All of you viewing this would like to earn FREE MONEY! And the best way to earn money is to do tasks online, but what if you can get free money by doing……JUST NOTHING!

    Already read Part 1? Visit Part 2 Here – Become A Millionaire [Part 2]

    Update 2

    1. Changed Links.


    1. Fixed downloading issue in Become A Millionaire [Part 2].
    2. Added 2 new faucets.

    T&C Apply…


    The below process is regarding/related to Bitcoins.

    With this guide, you can earn lots and lots of Bitcoins by spending just 10 minutes daily.


    1. Xapo.com

    First register a free account on XAPO. This is necessary as this is a Bitcoin Wallet and you will recieve all your Bitcoins HERE.
    I recommend this as this is the best wallet, secure and gives you 10,000 Satoshi just for registering.

    2. BTCClicks.com

    Go to BTCClicks.com and register. This will help you earn money by clicking and viewing adverts. But don’t worry, I have a solution for that in the 2nd Part of this guide!

    3. Bitcoin Zebra

    Here’s the fun part, just enter the e-mail you used to register a Xapo Account here and feed the zebra every hour to get assured Bitcoins! Such websites are called faucets. They give you free Satoshi [1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC or Bitcoins] by just entering a Captcha.

    4. Moon Bitcoin

    This is one of the Best Faucets, this lets you accumulate Satoshi. You can collect the Satoshi after any period of time [Minimum 5 Minutes]. All these shifted directly to your Xapo!

    5. QuickBitcoin

    This faucet is very similar to Moon Bitcoin, except it accumulates the Satoshi even after you claim and sends them directly to your Xapo Account every Thursday.

    6. FreeBitcoin

    This is the same as others, but you can multiply your earnings here. They have the highest payout too!


    1. Please visit ALL these faucets DAILY to earn huge amount of Satoshi.
    2. To withdraw Bitcoins from FreeBitcoin, you need a Bitcoin Address. These address are used to transfer Bitcoins b/w two peers. To get your Xapo BTC Address, first verify your Phone Number, and then go to wallet tab, select Recieve Button, copy the address and paste it to make transactions or to recieve Bitcoins!




    Bitcoin Zebra

    Moon Bitcoin



    Please Do Comment if Something Goes Wrong.

    Thank You!!!


  • Gmail Notifier Pro 5.3.2 Keygen is Here ! [LATEST] 

    Gmail Notifier Pro 

    Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple Google Gmail accounts for new mail and display notifications. Google Calendar, Google News, Google Drive, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft SkyDrive, Feedly and RSS/Atom feeds are also supported. In addition to the Google services, Gmail Notifier Pro provides notifications for Microsoft Exchange accounts and any IMAP or POP mail account, including Microsoft Outlook.com (formerly Live Hotmail) and Yahoo! Mail.

    Features of Gmail Notifier Pro

    • Check multiple Gmail accounts, including Google Apps, for new mail
    • Supports both Atom and IMAP protocols for mail
    • Supports customizable themes and individual account settings, making Gmail Notifier Pro the best looking Gmail notifier on the web!
    • Read, write, reply, preview and save attachments, mark as read and delete mail without the web browser
    • Supports Google Contacts
    • Integration with Google Calendar accounts gives reminders for calendar events
    • Get news notifications from Google
    • and much more…

    What’s New ?

    • Gmail Notifier Pro 5.3.2 brings changes to the automatic Google Gmail sign in behavior and Google Calendar authentication

    How to Activate Gmail Notifier Pro?

    1. First of all disable your antivirus
    2. Install Gmail Notifier Pro
    3. Quit program (not just minimize!)
    4. Download and Run gmail_not.keygen.exe
    5. Type a Name & email (not your real)
    6. Click generate > Click activate
    7. Search your folder with ConfigData.xml
    8. Windows 8/7/vista : C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\GmailNotifierPro\ConfigData.xml
    9. Windows xp : %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\GmailNotifierPro\ConfigData.xml
    10. Start GmailNotifierPro
    11. You have activated sucessfully, now you can read on the left bottom “registered”
    12. Enjoy! all notifications,emails and news alert at one place. :- )

    Direct Download Link



    Gmail Notifier Pro 5.3.2 Setup+Keygen (6.9 MB) | Mirror 1 | Mirrors

  • How to Receive your Android SMS on PC! [GUIDE]

    Many of you works on your PC for a long time and at that time it looks quite difficult to pickup android and read out every SMS  received on it. Mostly when you device is on charging and you working at distance from it. So for this we have a solution by which you can get all your SMS on your PC too and you can read them all on it. There will be no need to pickup your android and ready every message, just have to click on notification arriving on your computer screen and read the message.


    • First of all download and install app Mighty Text in your android device.

    Mighty Text   |   Mirrors

    • Now in your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.

    Mighty Text Extension

    • Open the app. You will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network on which both the devices being connected.
    • Now when you setup is done now you will see your android name on the icon when you click on it.
    • Thats it all done, now when you android receive any SMS it will transfer on your extension of PC and you can read it there. Enjoy!
  • How To View Recent Web Pages Offline [INTERESTING] 


    View Recent Web Pages Offline

    You might have suffered many times when you were without Internet, yet you still need to see a webpage that you were looking at just moments earlier. It’s frustrating, but if you’re running Chrome or Firefox then getting to a recently viewed webpage while offline is easy. Both browsers have the ability to display content in their respective caches—temporarily saved web page data—instead of the live version of the site. This can be imperfect since the page can change while you’re offline, rendering the saved version inaccurate, and the browser cache only contains a limited amount of your recent browsing history. It also doesn’t work on sites that provide live feeds of content, such as Facebook or Netflix. Nevertheless, if you need information from a news item or another site you were just viewing, try one of these solutions. Browsers like Google Chrome & Firefox save a cached copy of your recent browsed web pages, and so we will be using this feature to view the recently closed web pages without internet connection.

    How to view recent web pages offline in Google Chrome?

    Chrome’s method to display stale (not live) web pages is currently experimental. By default Chrome can show some webpages when offline, but with this setting enabled the feature is far more robust.

    1. To get ready for offline mode in Chrome type ” chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy " (Without Quotes) in the URL address bar. Then select Enable: Primary from the dropdown menu under the Enable Show Saved Copy Button heading.
    2. Once that’s done, restart your browser for the feature to take effect.
    3. To test viewing a cached page, take your PC offline and open a webpage from your recent browsing history. You should see Chrome’s typical offline error message—except now you’ll also see a Show saved copy button as pictured above. Click that button and you’ll see the version of the webpage as it was when you were last online.

    In my tests, Chrome’s cache would only show you saved copies of sites going back about a half an hour. However, that was during my work day, when I view an enormous amount of web content. Your experience may vary.

    How to view recent web pages offline in Mozilla Firefox?

    There’s no special flag to set in Firefox in order to view content offline.

    1. To view pages from your cache click on the menu “hamburger” icon in the upper right corner.
    2. Then select Developer > Work Offline. Now Firefox will display the page you want as long as it’s in the browser’s cache.

    That’s all there is to viewing cached webpages offline. It’s not a perfect solution, but still this may help us in most situations.