Please Read our FAQ Section and try a search in onhax before asking your question ! It will save the time of both you and us 🙂

How to Request Cracks/Patches/ Keys ?

  1. Go to On HAX Forums
  2. Create an account their using your existing On HAX ID [If you don’t have an On HAX ID, create one first]
  3. Verify and login to On HAX Forums
  4. Go to Wishes section > Select Windows,Mac,Android or iOS
  5. Post your Topic requesting crack/patch/ keys etc..
  6. Your request will be reviewed and published on Forums

Why Forums ?

because your request becomes visible to every cracker at On HAX making it easier and quicker to fulfill it 🙂

Following types of topics are not allowed and will lead to your account getting banned

  • Facebook/Twitter or any other web site hackers – there are no such things, don’t be dumb
  • Survey Bypassers or methods – surveys are not a case of us..we don’t interact with them anyway
  • iTunes/Ebay/Skype code generators – there are no such kind of software, again don’t be dumb
  • Religious/Astrology software Cracks,Keys or Setups – admins ourselves are atheists,we don’t support bullshit
  • Highly Compressed games or Operating Systems – upgrade you internet connection please